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Map of Saxony-Anhalt

     The history of the state Saxony-Anhalt is extremely brief. It became a German Federal State after World War II from 1947 to 1952, and did not become a state again until 1990 with unification.

     The area is steeped in history. Martin Luther, in 1517, nailed his 95 theses condemning Catholic church practices to the doors of the Wittenberg Castle Church. The Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great, descended from the Princes of Anhalt-Zerbst.

     Visitors to Saxony-Anhalt will be treated to extraordinary cultural and natural scenery. Among the best places to visit are the town of Wernigerode in the Harz Mountains, the Church of Our Lady and the Red Tower in Halle, the medieval town of Quedlinburg, the city of Magdeburg and Hochharz National Park.

Okertal Valley
The Okertal Valley near Wernigerode

Giebigenstein Castle
Giebigenstein Castle

Donkey Well
Donkey Well in Halle

Martin Luther Memorial
The Martin Luther Memorial in Wittenberg

Magdeburg Cathedral
Magdeburg Cathedral

The Bodetal
The Bodetal in Treseburg

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