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Map of Rhineland Palatinate

     Rhineland-Palatinate was formed as a state after World War II by the French occupiers. It is a composite of several regions that were never a part of each other in the past. This state however, through time, has attained it's own distinct identity.

     Two-thirds of all wine produced in Germany come from the Rhine and Mosel river valleys of this state. The Rhine valley region between the town of Bingen and the city of Bonn is dotted with ancient castles and offers a visitor some of the most scenic beauty in Germany.

     The tourist in Rhineland-Palatinate will also find such scenic treasures as the city of Mainz, the city of Trier with it's numerous ancient Roman ruins and the Imperial Cathedral in Worms.

City of Mainz
The City of Mainz

Cathedral in Mainz
The Cathedral in Mainz

Bacharach on the Rhein
The City of Bacharach on the Rhein

Ancient Roman Ruins
Ancient Roman Ruins in Trier

View of Koblenz, where the Rhine and Mosel Merge

Toll Castle
Toll Castle on the Rhine near Bacharach

Burg Eltz Castle
Burg Eltz Castle

Loreley Valley
Loreley Valley near Koblenz

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