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Lower Saxony
Map of Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is the second largest German Federal State. It stretches from Borkum, a North Sea island, to the Harz Mountains. Having the most fertile soil in Germany, it is small wonder that two-thirds of this state is agricultural land.

A tourist in this state should include in their travel plans a visit to the city of Hanover and it's town hall, the town of Hameln, famous for the Pied Piper fable, the market square in Hildesheim, the Buckeburg Castle in Schaumburg and the Harz Mountains and National Park.

Town Hall in Hanover
Town Hall in Hanover

Market Square in Hildesheim
Market Square in Hildesheim

Pied Piper Festival
Pied Piper Festival in Hameln

Castle and Church in Oldenburg
Castle and Church in Oldenburg

Buckeburg Castle
Buckeburg Castle in Schaumburg

Main Hall in Buckeburg
Main Hall in Buckeburg Castle

Moor in Harz
Moor in Harz National Park

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