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Map of Baden-Wurtemberg

     The "Landle" or "little country" as Baden-Wurttemberg is often referred, is the southwest state of the German Federation. The famous Black Forest, the romantic river valley's of the Rhine, Danube, Neckar and Tauber; Lake Constance or the "Bodensee" located in the rugged highlands of the Swabian Alb, are some of the most scenic locations in Germany. The major cities of Stuttgart, Freiburg, Heidelberg and Ulm and rich in medieval architecture, history and culture. The city of Baden-Baden, which lies below Hornisgrinde Mountain, is world famous for it's spa's which date back to Roman times.

     The mild climate of the river valleys and around Lake Constance is ideal for growing asparagus, tobacco and fruit for wine. Some of the finest wines  in the world are produced in the Baden and Wurttemburg regions. The people of these regions are known for their work ethic and have been referred to as "close to earth". It is easy to understand why Baden-Wurttemburg is one of the most prosperous states in the German Federation.

Hohenzollern Castle photo
Hohenzollern Castle

View of the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart from a Cafe photo
View of the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart from a Cafe

The bank of the Neckar River in Tubingen photo
The Bank of the Neckar River in Tubingen

Clock Tower in Freiburg photo
The Clock Tower in Freiburg

View of Heidelberg from the Castle photo
View of Heidelberg from the Castle

Heidelberg Castle Courtyard
Heidelberg Castle Courtyard

City Hall in Ihringen photo
City Hall in Ihringen, the Gumpert ancestral home town

Hannelore in Ihringen photo
Our Good Friend Hannelore in Ihringen

Village of Seigelau photo
Village of Seigelau near Gutach Im Breisgau in the Black Forest

Reschlierdenhof in Siegelau photo
Reschlierdenhof, the Large Building to the Right

Black forest photo
The Mystic Black Forest

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